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Company Overview

Founded on hard-work, trust and determination, Access Equipment Capital brings forth over 16 years of financing and leasing specialization.  The tenacity and passion that our president George Georgostathis’ shows our clients makes AEC  your #1 funding partner.  For years our team has been helping clients achieve and maintain success in their business.   An integral part of that success is the strong values we put forth in building lasting relationships with our clients.  We encompass trust and honesty, while creating optimal solutions for your portfolio.

We equate our success to your success.

By allowing our team of experts to do the work for you, while you continue to work and grow your business, we bring the lenders to you… It’s that simple.

With our many lending partners, we at Access Equipment Capital can help you acquire many assets from:

  • Transportation
  • Forestry
  • Sanitation
  • Construction
  • Landscaping
  • Towing
  • Recycling
  • Tech Software
  • Medical
  • Minning
  • Office Equipment
  • Maufacturing

We are always in  perpetual motion, achieving and maximizing your time and money for optimal results.

Let us lead you toward financial stability.

Our Approach

Our Mission

At AEC, it is our top priority to provide creative solutions, timely responsive service and long term relationships with each of our clients.  We bring forth honesty, efficiency and endless opportunities to increase and empower your business’ future.  We deliver competitive rates, fast turnover times and a vast number of funding partners.  We are committed to continually fund your road to success.

Our Vision

As we look forward, we at Access Equipment Capital envision our company to be known nation-wide.  We’ve made it our goal to be the leading financing and leasing specialist by continually building strong relationships with our current and future clients .  By providing optimal customer service and satisfaction we will strive for excellence.

Being Green

We at AEC do our part in keeping our environment pure and fresh for our future generations by Reusing, Reducing and Recycling! Together we can make a difference, think GREEN and be CLEAN.

Some Industries We Service